Sunday 29 Mar 2020

About Sargazi Medical Foundation

SMF is a charitable non-profitable and non-governmental organization headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia, in the heart...


Our Vision

SMF is in line with the United Nations millennium goals of contributing to the complete...


Uplifting Living Standards

We strive to uplift the standards of medical service delivery amongst Africa’s most vulnerable. The Sargazi Medical...


1. “We wish to indicate that Sargazi Medical Foundation (SMF) has been helping pupils and the community of Lilanda with free medical checkups and health education. Most of these people are vulnerable and cannot meet medical fees. With the necessary medical equipment and donation of funds in place, SMF will meet most needs of the community.” - FS Sinkala, Director, Green Park Trust School, 159/09 Antelope Road, Lilanda.

2. “We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the help that SMF has rendered to us of sunglasses, caps, and sunscreen lipstick. These have been very helpful to us.” - Elias Chanda, Albinism Institute of Zambia, P O Box 32887, Lusaka

3. “For many years God has blessed us with SMF staff members who visit our community on humanitarian grounds to offer free medical checkup and advice to the members of the community. They also provide medical accessories to the physically disabled, albinos, and blind people.” - Austin Daka, Senior Pastor, Gospel Faith Ministry

4. “We run various television programs from health, cultural lifestyle, political to agricultural on our station. We have been running a health program produced by Dr. Shahab Sargazi of SMF.” - Makokwa Kozi, Program Manager, Prime Television, P O Box 320057, Lusaka

5. “We produce video products on health and have formed an alliance with SMF. We have been able to secure slots on Muvi Television and Africa Unite Television disseminating health education to the viewing public.” - D Chipampe, Director, Life Time Media, No. 11 Mwembeshi Road, Lusaka.


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Director's Message

Justus Johannes Pieke

Africa needs your help in dealing with the challenges of meeting the healthcare requirements that so many, in more developed countries, take for granted.

SMF would be most grateful for your generous support and stands ready to receive financial and material donations to aid us in fulfilling our aims.

We strive to uplift the standards of medical service delivery amongst Africa’s most vulnerable.

Uplifting Living Standards

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What We Do

The Sargazi Medical Foundation (SMF) , along with our international doctors, are involving all fields of medicine in order to adequately education all who need it. We have a daily 10-minute...

Managing HIV / AIDS

Are you living with HIV / AIDS? There is hope for you as you can manage and live positively.

Doctor Sargazi Book

Attending to a patient

We are a Health Foundation trying to raise awareness in Health Education in Zambia, “The Heart of Africa”. Our leading international doctor, Dr. Sargazi ( founder), is a specialist doctor,...