Monday 17 Feb 2020

About Sargazi Medical Foundation

SMF is a charitable non-profitable and non-governmental organization headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia, in the heart of Africa. The mission of the Foundation is to provide free medicine (e.g. anti-retroviral, anti- tuberculosis, anti-malaria), medical accessories (e.g. wheelchairs, artificial limbs, albino sun screen accessories) and health education (e.g. through radio and television shows, lectures) to vulnerable groups within the continent.

Uplifting Living Standards

What We Do

The Sargazi Medical Foundation (SMF) , along with our international doctors, are involving all fields of medicine in order to adequately education all who need it. We have a daily 10-minute...

Managing HIV / AIDS

Are you living with HIV / AIDS? There is hope for you as you can manage and live positively.

Doctor Sargazi Book

Attending to a patient

We are a Health Foundation trying to raise awareness in Health Education in Zambia, “The Heart of Africa”. Our leading international doctor, Dr. Sargazi ( founder), is a specialist doctor,...