Monday 17 Feb 2020

Our Vision

SMF is in line with the United Nations millennium goals of contributing to the complete eradication, or substantial reduction, of diseases like HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and other chronic and congenital conditions.

In addition, we aim to address important social imbalances such as gender-based violence, child marriages and poverty reduction as well as provide assistance to other at-risk groups including the handicapped, the mentally challenged, orphans and others.

Uplifting Living Standards

What We Do

The Sargazi Medical Foundation (SMF) , along with our international doctors, are involving all fields of medicine in order to adequately education all who need it. We have a daily 10-minute...

Managing HIV / AIDS

Are you living with HIV / AIDS? There is hope for you as you can manage and live positively.

Doctor Sargazi Book

Attending to a patient

We are a Health Foundation trying to raise awareness in Health Education in Zambia, “The Heart of Africa”. Our leading international doctor, Dr. Sargazi ( founder), is a specialist doctor,...